Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kentucky Ghost Story: My Story

Ok...I've share personal experiences in the past, and will do so again. I currently have a push out there asking people to share their they ghostly and/or paranormal stories with us, and it is only fitting that I share another of my encounters with the strange.

Several months before my wife and I were married, we checked with a family member about renting out a house that they had recently obtained that was empty at the time. The former residents were family friends and the old man had passed away and the woman had moved in with their son. They were in the process of doing some re-modeling, but said that renting from them would not be a problem. Those next few months were something else though. There was always a set-back that prevented them from working on the house, and by the time we were married, it still wasn’t finished.

Fortunately, they were able to get down to work the Friday and Saturday after our wedding night and we were able to begin moving in the following Sunday. The first few days passed without incident and we loved living there. That is when we began moving in our things. One of the back bedrooms we were using as storage, but neither my wife, I, nor other family members were comfortable with that particular room. On top of that, we moved in one of those old bench type stereo, turntable, 8-track player radios into the kitchen to use as an “island”. That very night though, we began to hear music coming from the kitchen, and the thing wasn’t even plugged in.

At the time, my wife and I were both smokers, but we could not keep a lighter on us. We would set one down on the table and go to get it a little later and it would not be there. It didn’t matter what type it was. We would hear “someone” walking from the bedroom to the bathroom and back. It was to the point that one night, my wife and I had argued and she went to bed and I was planning on sleeping on the couch. About an hour after she went to bed, I heard the floor squeak where she had came out and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she went back to bed. I heard this every few minutes and finally watched for her. Only when I heard the squeak, she wasn’t there…no one was there actually.

The next day, we both shared our experiences; she thinking it was me, and me thinking it was her. Shortly after this incident, we moved into our own place. As we were moving, we were boxing things up from one of the spare bedrooms (not the creepy one) and discovered a drawer full of our missing lighters. The thing is, that neither of us made a habit of going into that room.

The day after we moved out, we were awoken to find out that we had to go back there to move our other out of the way for the fire trucks. That’s right. The house burnt. The fire actually started in the back bedroom that no one felt comfortable in. Granted it was an old house and I’m sure that the wiring might have had a few issues, but, the fire started in the closet, where there was no electrical wires.

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