Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paranormal Meet-and-Greet Date Set

Well...all of the excitement has died down over the reported panther sighting in Lexington, and the photo of "crow-foot" has finally made it around the world and died down as well. For that reason, that is why I have been on hiatus and not posting. However, I do have some news to pass along.

The paranormal meet-and-greet that I have mentioned has been setup.

So, if you live in or around the Morehead, KY area, feel free to stop in..

Also, we may have a lead on a potential case for our crypto team...will keep you informed as we obtain additional information.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kentucky Ghost Story: My Story

Ok...I've share personal experiences in the past, and will do so again. I currently have a push out there asking people to share their they ghostly and/or paranormal stories with us, and it is only fitting that I share another of my encounters with the strange.

Several months before my wife and I were married, we checked with a family member about renting out a house that they had recently obtained that was empty at the time. The former residents were family friends and the old man had passed away and the woman had moved in with their son. They were in the process of doing some re-modeling, but said that renting from them would not be a problem. Those next few months were something else though. There was always a set-back that prevented them from working on the house, and by the time we were married, it still wasn’t finished.

Fortunately, they were able to get down to work the Friday and Saturday after our wedding night and we were able to begin moving in the following Sunday. The first few days passed without incident and we loved living there. That is when we began moving in our things. One of the back bedrooms we were using as storage, but neither my wife, I, nor other family members were comfortable with that particular room. On top of that, we moved in one of those old bench type stereo, turntable, 8-track player radios into the kitchen to use as an “island”. That very night though, we began to hear music coming from the kitchen, and the thing wasn’t even plugged in.

At the time, my wife and I were both smokers, but we could not keep a lighter on us. We would set one down on the table and go to get it a little later and it would not be there. It didn’t matter what type it was. We would hear “someone” walking from the bedroom to the bathroom and back. It was to the point that one night, my wife and I had argued and she went to bed and I was planning on sleeping on the couch. About an hour after she went to bed, I heard the floor squeak where she had came out and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she went back to bed. I heard this every few minutes and finally watched for her. Only when I heard the squeak, she wasn’t there…no one was there actually.

The next day, we both shared our experiences; she thinking it was me, and me thinking it was her. Shortly after this incident, we moved into our own place. As we were moving, we were boxing things up from one of the spare bedrooms (not the creepy one) and discovered a drawer full of our missing lighters. The thing is, that neither of us made a habit of going into that room.

The day after we moved out, we were awoken to find out that we had to go back there to move our other out of the way for the fire trucks. That’s right. The house burnt. The fire actually started in the back bedroom that no one felt comfortable in. Granted it was an old house and I’m sure that the wiring might have had a few issues, but, the fire started in the closet, where there was no electrical wires.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Updates

Well, it has been several days since the last update on here. For that, I will apologize. I have been a bit under the weather the past few days and haven't really felt like doing much of anything.

Apparently, there have been no news updates concerning the panther in Lexington. I have already expressed my opinions of what "should" be happening there, but, it was an opinion.

I am still working on the black bear/BF comparisons that I informed you about around a week or so ago...trying to make it very thorough and complete.

That is about it for now at least. There are a few things possibly coming down the pipes in the next few weeks. One of them is a possible meet and greet between some local paranormal groups (KYPRP included) and the community in general in an attempt to boost awareness that the area does have groups such as ours and possibly to boost headcounts for some. I'm currently working with the team and with Joe Clark over at Gateway Paranormal on setting up time/place and such...will keep you all informed...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Panthers and Housecats and Bears; Oh My!

****The following does not necessarily represent the opinion of KYPRP as a whole and should not be viewed in such a manner. This is the opinion of the author, Brian Peck.***

Ok. So there have been numerous sightings of a large predatory black cat in Lexington. KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife have responded by saying that what people are seeing is either a large house cat, or a coyote. They have went so far as to ask that the people living in the area take picures/video of what they are seeing so that they can use it verify what is actually being seen. News groups are reporting on the sightings and posting the information on their websites. However, what I haven't seen and/or heard was what Dept. of Fish and Wildlife was going to do other than to review the evidence that people gather.

Let's think about this for a moment. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to simply set camera traps up to attempt to discern what type of animal this is? This is exactly the reason why more people don't come forward with sightings of things. They are immediately met with skepticism (which is a good thing if you know how to be skeptical without being rude) and told that they mis-identified another animal. Then, once the story is out (similar with the sightings in Lexington), you have the message boards mocking you about your sighting. All the while, people whose job it is look into this type of thing, sit back and ask the "civilian" to do their work because they don't have time to waste looking for something that isn't there.

Here's a little story: Several years back, my family had a blue heeler name Blue. Blue was gettign up there in years and she was slowly losing her hearing. One day, we came home from work (I was still living at home then, working through the day and finishing up my masters degree with evening classes), to find that our dog had been attacked with deep puncture wounds several inches apart. We tood her to the vet and we asked what could have caused that. He jokingly told us a bear (he later pulled my parents aside and told them in seriousness that it appeared to be a bear attack). This prompted us to call Fish and Wildlife, and as usual, we were told that it must have been coyotes because there were no black bears in the Wolfe, Morgan, Menifee county area.

We brought Blue home and nursed her back to health and in no time, she was back on her feet. Then one spring morning, as I left for work, I saw Blue stretched out up near the front of the house. Thinking nothing of it, I left for work. That afternoon when I got home (my parents were at the hospital in Lexington staying with my ailing grandmother), Blue was still laying in the exact same place in the same position. I walked up to her, and found that she was dead. When I rolled her over, there were slash wounds and some of her entrails were hanging out. I looked around on the ground and found the blood path. I followed this to the other side of the family camper, where I found some pretty good sized bear tracks. I then called a friend of mine who works for Fish and Wildlife and told him what had happened. He was the only person who actually listened.

I then called my parents and told them that Blue was dead and that I had found a ton of bear tracks around. My father called Fish and Wildlife to alert them what had happened. They gave him the normal song and dance about it being coyotes. When he told them that we had found tracks to prove it, they said that we were mis-indentifying some other animal and that there were no bears in that area (we all knew this was incorrect as the local newpaper in Wolfe county had ran pictures before of black bears in a small community only several miles from our house, complete with pictures). My dad then proceeded to let F & W know that he was taking the story to local papers. Once the stories ran, then F & W sent a biologist out to the house to view the footprints, only for them to say that it was a bear.

My grievance with F & W is that they hardly ever look into the types of claims that is outside of their "comfort" zone. The simplest way that I can think of would be for F & W to obtain the permission from the golf course (which, would be a very good place I would think for a large cat to hide out at...water source, trees, small animals in/around the trees makes for a varitable food source), and simply bait an area or two and install motion cameras to see what they could capture. It may turn out to be an overly large house cat or even a coyote, but would it really hurt to try?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Return of Lexington's Black Panther

Just saw this update and wanted to share. Apparently, there has been another sighting of the black panther in Lexington. This time, it was sighted on Costigan Drive, near Griffin Gate Golf Club. Similar as before, Police and Fish and Wildlife are saying that this is probably someone seeing a large housecat.

Here is my question. Exactly how big does a housecat get, yet still be able to manuever itself in a way that appears "panther-ish"? One really has to wonder if maybe Fish and Wildlife know more than they let on. (No, neither I nor KYPRP subscribe to all of the conspiracy theories that float around out there, but, they are the guys who are supposed to be out in the woods.)

KYPRP and the Kentucky Big Cat Project will continue to monitor this story and update here when new information becomes available.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Stuff

Well, the excitement has died down from the alleged black panther sightings in Lexington without any updates from the stories. There are plenty of comment on the various sites that reported the story, but, grains of salt to me in most cases...

So, I'm going to use this lull in action, to mention a few things that are going on.

1.) My buddy Joe Clark just informed me that the date has been set for CommParaCon 2010. Currently set for June 5, 2010 at Carter Caves State Resort Park. You can contact me for additional information, or, keep checking on here for udpates as it gets closer to the date.

2.) I am currently working on an article for the website that we have up. (In case you want to check it out, ) It's another crypto article, but, I'm trying to make this as presentable as possible, with some very argumentative points to make. When dealing with crypto, the vast majority of information that we have is speculative at best. I mean, we can give a BF the demeanor of an ape, but, is that really what the true demeanor would be? So, based upon speculations that have been made, especially in relation to the comparisons that have been made with black bears, I am going to try to at worst, make others answer my points that I make. Once completed, I may put several posts worth of the article on here, or, put it on here as I go so that I can get opinions prior to putting it on the web.

3.) Although we are still hashing out some details, several local paranormal groups (KYPRP included) in our area are in talks to host a paranormal meet and greet with the community, both to raise awareness that we are out there, but to also possibly recruit membership and to potentially gather some investigations.

4.) Since founding KYPRP, we have made it no secret that our desire is to work with other groups and form "bonds" with these groups and to break down the barriers that are typical with paranormal research. A lot of groups out there do not like to associate with other groups for numerous reasons that we will not go into at this point. We, on the other hand, are not like that. Saying that, I would like to thank those of you out there (Dave C, Joe Clark and Commonwealth Paranormal, Ron and Lori Coffey and, and The Blogsquatcher) that have taken the time to communicate with me (Brian Peck) and KYPRP. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Latest on Black Panther in Lexington...

Well, the news is that there is no news. No photos, no followup, no nothing. I've scoured the major news sources out of Lexington and the only thing that I have found is continuing debate on the "forums" and comments sections. I am still waiting to hear back from my emails to both the Herald-Leader and to KDFW...could be a while though.

One of the major debates going on with the panther sighting, as well as a lot of cryptid animals, ghosts, UFOs, etc. is how come there aren't more pictures available. As one person pointed out in the comments section of one of the news sights, with as many people these days that have cell phone cameras, how come they aren't taking the pictures. Personally, I feel as if most people aren't exactly ready to take the picture when they first see the target. I would actually be a bit suspicious of someone who was able to get a picture without prior knowledge of the target being there. For example, I've stated numerous times that black bears were a known animal in my area for years, however, I had never seen one. The first time that I did see one, I was too awestruck to grab my phone and get a picture, even though it lumbered around in the road for several minutes. The next time though, I was ready. Both cell phone camera and a film camera at the ready in the car.

I think that a lot of people may only have a one-time encounter with something, which could lead to a lot of reported sightings, but not too much in the lines of photographic evidence. Again, I personally would question those who can offer you a picture of something on a regular basis.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lexington Black Panther Update and New Site!

At this time, I have yet to hear any updates regarding the reported black panther sighting in Lexington...However, I have sent an email to the Lexington Herald-Leader with my thoughts on what the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife should be doing about it. I have yet to hear back from them either. So, that is emails to both Fish and Wildlife and the Heral-Leader...I will update as soon as I hear something from them and/or, any news comes out.

In the mean time...KYPRP has a new site (sort of)...The blog will stay here for the more day to day events, but we will have a home to go to where we will be storing the more permanent information so that it makes it easier to view without having to search through post after post...

Check us out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black Panther in Lexington?

I guess the formation of the Kentucky Big Cat Project came at a very opportune time, as well as the recent posts. Rumor has it, that there have been numerous sightings of a "black panther" in the Windburn neighborhood of Lexington. It was reported that police yesterday admitted to being flooded with calls regarding alleged sightings and reports. The Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife gave the usual response of mistaken identity of a large housecat or a black coyote.

The interesting thing is, if you watch the video, the report begins with the words "wildcats and cougars can live in Kentucky". Not sure who their source was, but, this adds more fuel to the debate on whether these animals can live and thrive in the state.

KYPRP and the Big Cat Project will try to stay on top of this story. Stay tuned as this post could be updated throughout the day.

****UPDATE****: The report had the wildlife agent requesting pictures and video of the animal. If anyone from the Lexington area is reading this post and lives in the vicinity of the reported sightings, please take note: If at all possible and can be done safely, when you take either the picture or video, try to make sure that it is taken around an area with plenty of reference points that can be used to determine the size of the animal. Beside a tree, a patch of weeds, stump, or anything that can be used for scale. This will assist in the analysis of the photo/video to determine what type of animal that we are dealing with.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Cats in Kentucky

Historians and big cat experts can tell you that historically, large cats (cougars) ranged all over the US prior to the settlement by Europeans (click here to see the ranges pre and post European settlement). After that, they were hunted into extinction in nearly all states East of the Mississippi (the exception being that of Florida) and most states in the Midwest; leaving their home range basically from the West coast to the Rocky Mountains and all of South America.

Over the past several years though, it appears as if the range is spreading. Numerous reports are out there of sightings in the Midwest and quite a few even further east. (Click here to see a map of home range and recognized sightings) Some experts and groups will agree that due to an overabundance of these animals, it is highly possible that these cats could be on the move. It is noted that these animals are in fact leaving the more remote locations that they have been in, and encroaching further into human populated areas of the country.

There is really no reason why these cats couldn’t thrive outside of the current known range, especially in the Eastern states. With large rural, forested tracts of land, highly populated with deer and other small animals, there is plenty of opportunity for these animals to mark some territory. In fact, responding to an alleged sighting in northern Kentucky back in 2007, John Dinon, the head of the Cincinnati Zoo’s Conservation Program stated that he wasn’t as surprised as he would have been several years ago. He continued on to say that there is so much wildlife in the area (we are talking only of northern KY here, not the much more rural areas of the state) he is not surprised to see them migrate in just for the food.

After doing some research, I have yet to find anything regarding the states official status of the cougar here in Kentucky, other than a site that stated Kentucky regards them as being extinct in the state. That prompted me to send an email to the State Fish and Wildlife department asking them what would happen should a hunter or trapper, either purposely or accidentally caught or killed an animal that is recognized as extinct in the state and/or not recognized at all in the state. I have yet to hear back from them, but, will update if and/or when they respond.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Cat vs. Bigfoot

I’ve been thinking about something that since branching out the Big Cat Project is the vocalizations. Kentucky has had a history of reported big cat sightings (yours truly included) as well as reports of BF-like creatures.

I sat yesterday and began listening to vocalizations of the cougar vs. alleged BF. What I noticed is that in some aspects, they can sound similar. From witnesses, I’ve heard that a “panther”, as the old folks call them, sounds just like a screaming woman. So much in fact, that my great-uncle actually grabbed a gun once and went down off of the hill he lived on to see what had happened to my aunt, who was sound asleep in bed. He had thought something bad had happened to her.

As I listened to the vocalizations that are available online, it took me some time to find a cougar that sounded similar to this description, while it took 3 clicks on BF vocalizations to find one. This made me wonder; are the vocalizations that people hear and associate with a large cat, really a large cat or possibly a BF?

That’s not to say that they can’t both be in the hills of Kentucky (I know for a fact that there are large cats, and pretty sure that there are BF-like creatures as well). Just, maybe the vocalizations are being misidentified…Any thoughts?

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Bigfoot Can Beat Up Your Bigfoot...

Sounds like something that you would hear on the playground back in elementary school doesn’t it? That will be the underlying tone that will make up the post for today regarding evidence both of crow-foot and any investigation that is/has/will be undertaken. Enjoy!

Now that the buzz appears to be virtually dead regarding our beloved Crow-foot, it makes me wonder what will we write about next? As I actually mentioned in the last article, I’d like to take another look at exactly what happened in Fairdale.

First, when the picture was taken and the television station ran with the story, the “big” picture was cropped and then blown up, showing us only a small area with a large presence in the photo. Based upon that, people began referring to the “creature” as Bigfoot. From there, the media ran with it.

Secondly, the story started becoming distorted, once other media outlets picked up the story. If you watch the original video from the local Louisville station (and even the CNN report) you will note that Mr. Mahoney never actually referred to the “creature” as Bigfoot, nor did he ever mention anything about finding footprints. However, by the time that it reached KTLA in Los Angeles, Mr. Mahoney had stated that he captured a picture of Bigfoot and that he had found big footprints. In fact, all that Mr. Mahoney said was that the weeds had been worn down in that area. It goes to show that the further you get form the source, the more diluted the material becomes.

Lastly, you had the general public milling around that there was a picture of Bigfoot in Kentucky. People who simply saw what the news article was, gleamed what they wanted from the story and began passing it along. There were several in the field of BF study who became overly excited as well. Granted, when Dave C. sent me an email telling me about it, I nearly fell over out of my chair and then when I first saw the picture, I nearly fell out again. Then I began looking at the image closer and started noticing that there were some questionable things to it, as did many of us. I knew it wasn’t a bear, but was pretty sure it wasn’t a BF either. Never did I even think to think of a crow, although they are plentiful. Again, after Dave C. sent me the suggestion, I began to fill in the blanks that were left after my scrutinization of the photo…all the pieces began to fit to complete the puzzle.

The point though, is that there were several out there who were outright claiming that this was Bigfoot, and some who still are. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, I have no problems with that (as I am guilty as the next about my opinions), the difference is in how to present your opinion. Don’t claim that something is this or that, suggest it as a possibility. If you do make a claim, be prepared to back that claim up by presenting the “evidence” that you have to back it up...Example: I made the claim that this was a crow/raven. I then used the photos that were sent to me to present my case. I “backed up” what I stated.

I’m getting off my soap-box now, but…All I really want to accomplish with this is that no matter what field of study you are covering, be it ghosts, UFOs, or BF, carefully scrutinize any evidence that you may have, even if you have to take it to someone who is a skeptic to review, take into consideration any suggestions that you were given, and then present your case. The more eyes (or ears) that you have reviewing something, the better it is going to appear once you present your evidence.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fairdale Reflection

To think, prior to Tuesday, this blog had only about 280 visits since I started it...Over the course of the day Tuesday, I picked up over 100...even as the buzz began to die down yesterday, I still had over 30 hits...and to be honest, for someone to navigate their way here, they had to be doing some serious searching...LOL

What this demonstrates to me is that there “is” and interest in what we do. For all the scientists and critics that tell us we are wrong, this tells us that we are right. People want to know the truth. Heck, CNN ran this; as well as other major news outlets from Louisville to Los Angeles.

It also demonstrates the rashness in which some of us are to jump and say that “we have” the proof, only to have to turn around later that day and retract because it has been proven false (not fake or a hoax in some cases. Like this one. Mr. Mahoney never once said that this was definitely bigfoot. He even went as far as to say that he didn’t believe in bigfoot).

I think the lesson learned from this is that while camera traps are good, they can sometimes yield anomalies such as this. From this, we should also learn that we should exhaust ourselves with trying to prove what things are, and not what we want them to be.

Goodnight you Fairdale Mystery Monster, we hardly knew you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fairdale Mystery Solved...

My buddy Dave C. just sent me an email a bit ago detailing the outline of a crow...

I had it pretty much outlined in the my head, the only problem that I was having was with the head, and the angle that Dave outlined was just one that I hadn't twisted my brain around.

Dave also sent me a picture from the Cryptomundo page. Now, if you can visually rotate the crow around you would basically have the same image.

The raven, the historical joker, has played another one on us!

***There have been other reports coming out of Jefferson County regarding BF-like creatures, and the crow can't be responsible for all of these sightings. A common misconception is that Jefferson County is Louisville. Not true. Jefferson County has forested areas that are ideal BF habitation. Additional research is needed, and eventually, we may be able to release clear, photographic evidence of BF in Jefferson County and other areas as well.

Latest updates on the KY "Bigfoot" photos

It has been nearly 24 hours now since I heard of this incident, and the web has been abuzz as well as news broadcasts from coast-to-coast. Granted, like with any story, the further it gets from the source, the more the story changes...For example, KTLA in Los Angeles, ran the story and report that it left prints. I don't know if they were meaning actual foot prints, or just talking about the grass and weeds being trampled.

There has also been some discussion as to this being nothing more than a crow either on take off or landing.

This could explain a few things such as the "shine" that you see off of the animal. As a friend of mine pointed out, the proportions seem off and the abrupt body cutoff in the grass...

By looking at the photo on the right, you can see what could be a slit in the right arm of the creature where you can see the background weeds and grasses...this easily could be the seperation of feathers.
The more that I look at it, the more I tend to subscribe to this theory of the animal being a crow.
As much as I would love for this to have been definitive proof of BF living in KY, you have to look at the facts to obtain credibility. It would have been easy to jump on the bandwagon and say that it was a BF, but you must always form your opinion, and then research to back up whatever you say. Not forgetting to play devil's advocate with yourself to think of everything possible that it could be. Don't be afraid to ask others for their opinions either. I honestly had no clue up until this morning what this actually was. I knew that it didn't look like a bear, nor anything other mammal really that I knew of. A friend on mine, and "mentor" to the group sent me an email that suggested this could be a crow. So, I researched some more and found several others out there suggesting the same. As a result, I began looking closer at the images, making sure to imagine the subject being a very short distance from the camera, and things began to make sense.
Still, KYPRP and the Kentucky Great Ape Project will continue to monitor and post updates as they become available.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bigfoot in Jefferson County

Just saw this over at the Blogsqatcher's site...apparently, a man in Jefferson County has captured what appears to be a BF-like creature (or a very, very convincing garbage bag with somewhat detailed head and arms) on a game is a link to the story...KYPRP and the Kentucky Great Ape Project will be monitoring...
UPDATE: Apparently major news is picking up the story...

Black Cat sightings in Kentucky

Ok...I'm going to document the first 2 sightings of large black cats in Kentucky. Both of these are personal experiences:

1.) About 7 years back, I was on my way home from West Liberty, KY on 460 about 4 miles out of Ezel (all in Morgan County), near the community of Mize. The time was around 8:30 pm in the fall of the year and I was on my way home from a class that I was taking at MSU campus in West Liberty. As I was driving down the road with my high beams on, I saw this large black cat leap from the left-hand side of the road, land in the center and then leap again into the high grass on the right-hand side into field of weeds. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and angled it so that my headlights were bathing the field. I saw the eyes staring at me. What I remember the clearest is that it was large, very large, with a long curling tail and that it was able to clear the road in two leaps. I'm positive that it was misidentification of another animal, nor was it simply a large house cat.

2.) 2 years ago my wife and I were on our way home from her mother's house in Bath county near Olympia Springs. We were taking the backroads home as this is actually quicker than the main roads. The time was around 12:00-12:30 AM and there was no traffic along this road. The exact area where we were had several houses and more more "inhabited" than several other areas, but as such, the ditch lines had a tendancy to retain water better. As we approached the driveway to the last house, we noticed this large black object crouched at the ditchline. We proceeded past it and I just stared the whole time. It was drinking, and tracking our car with its eyes. I can see the distinctive feline nose as plain as day. Once past it, my wife looked and me and I looked at her (I had already stopped teh car in the middle of the road) and we both said at the same time, "Did you just see that?" We turned around and attempted to see it again, but it had already moved on.

The one thing that both of these locations have in common is that they are both in the eastern part of the state near the Daniel Boone Forest and both are near Cave Run Lake. As a sidenote, both locations have a deep history of both visual sightings of large black cats and large cats (mountain lions) and of reported vocalizations.

Ok, these are my stories. Now, where are yours? Please use the links on the right to submit your large cat reports, or any other paranormal experiences that you may have had...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mexico's Bigfoot? had been my intention to stay from the chupacabra as much as possible...the only way that I wanted to get into this discussion would be if someone locally here in KY contacted me reporting an incident. Well, we don't always get what we want I guess.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, I noticed a news article headlined "Mexico's Bigfoot" and I didn't pay any attention. When I checked my email on Thursday, a friend of mine from another paranormal group had sent me an email with the link one of the news stories, which in turn, linked me over to CNN's video of the story.

Here is where I'm going to be brutally honest...from MY point of view, I saw a mangy dog, coyote, or dog/coyote cross (aka: coy dog). I saw nothing that resembled something that would walk on 2 legs, have wings, look alien, have a row of spikes along its back...Nothing that fit into the general description of the alleged creature. When DNA testing comes back on that same creature and it is unidentifiable, then I might raise an eyebrow. But, I think that we are looking at an unintentional hoax.

However, I'm not ruling the chupacabra out altogether. From my perspective, I feel as if there could be some type of creature out that that "somewhat" fits the given description, but, I don't think it is otherworldly; not even sure if it is unknown. The interesting thing about it is; some scientists believe that the "chupa" is a cultural phenomena, however, with the recent increase in Hispanic populations here in KY and surrounding states/areas, we have yet to really hear of sightings in these areas. Generally speaking, the sightings are sticking to the southern states and into Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc. One of the questions that I would ask is; what known animal do all of these locations share, that other areas of the US do not?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kentucky Big Cat Project

I've made an executive decision within the crypto branch of KYPRP. After watching a re-airing of MonsterQuest, where the search was on for big cats in New York, I decided that it is time that we set skeptics and Fish and Wildlife departments straight as to what is going on.

The primary crypto focus for us is going to be that of Bigfoot/ape-like creatures and big cats. Granted, that doesn't mean we do not want your crypto encounters, nor does it mean that we will not investigate them. We are here to help in any manner that we can. The simple reasoning is that from reports that I have read and encounters that I have been told about, it seems as if these are the two largest crypto creatures that inhabit our forests.

For years there have been claims of "pathers" in the state of Kentucky. I myself have seen two on seperate incidents, one of which was with another witness, several counties apart from each other. So, I for one know that Kentucky is home to some large black cats.

Again, submit any and all crypto sightings including big cat experiences. In addition, if you are having consistent big cat sightings, let us know and we can attempt an investigation to obtain proof to take to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Polish Yeti Followup

Ok...apparently now there is a second video out there of a BF-like creature watching a lady in a bikini in a creek. Now, I can't tell much about the creature as again, the camera is way too shaky. However, as you watch the video, if you pause it and then manuever your way to about the 27-29 second mark, you will notice that whatever this creature is, it is different than the other video. This thing appears to be reddish-brown rather than black like the other video...

Now, I'm not one to put too much into images in the trees/leaves becuase it is too easy for eyes to start matrixing and look for patterns that are recognizable. However, right before the thing stands up, if you look closely, you can almost see something that resembles "eyes"...not saying it was anything at all...but, if someone were to have a mask on that was too big, it would be possible that while crouched, the mask was pushed up just a bit and eye holes could be down around the cheek or up to the forehead making two white spots where eyes should be...


Just a tid-bit of info for you readers out there...Don't know if any of you guys are familiar with Steve Alten, but, he writes some amazing crypto-fiction. His "Meg" series is a really good read, even if you don't think that it is possible that there is a megeladon out there in the ocean. His latest installment of this series is on the shelves now..."Meg: Hell's Aqaurium"

Also, he has done a book called "The Loch". Yup, you guessed what it is about. However, he adds a very, very different twist and approach to Nessie. According to his newsletter, it is in the works now for there to be a sequal to this book.

If anyone is interested, visit his website for more information.

*Note: It is in the works apparently for there to be a movie version of the original "Meg". Haven't seen an update for a while, but, the last that I heard a production company out of PA picked up the rights for the movie.

Paranormal Kentucky

Several years back when I was a child, I used to love to read stories of UFO's (I can't help it...I was a Trekkie when being a Trekkie wasn't cool!). I especially loved to read stories of UFO reports out of Kentucky. Unfortunately at that time, there was no internet, and there were only 2 stories that were famous enough to come out of Kentucky at that time. The first being the Thomas Mantel Incident where Captain Thomas Mantel crashed his plane after chasing a UFO in the Kentucky skies. The second being the case of the Hopkinsville Monster (as it was known back in the day), or the Kellyville 'Goblins', whichever you prefer to call it.

As a child I can remember reading of the Kellyville sighting over and over again becuase I thought it was the coolest thing ever. However, when I go back and research this incident now, it seems as if there is something missing between what I remember reading and what I am seeing in the reports from today. I can remember there being all the small 'goblin' creatures running around, but, I seem to also remember that there was another figure there that stood around 10' tall. I even remember as a kid laughing at Bigfoot in a space-suit, never thinking at that time that people would put BF sightings together with UFO's...

So, my question to anyone who reads this would be, am I the only one that remembers somethign about a 10' alien during the Kellyville encounter, or, is my memory slipping faster than the credibility of the people who filmed the Polish yeti?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why haven't I had a paranormal experience?

***I will apologize up-front on this if it seems thrown together haphazardly…It has been a taxing day and I am having issues putting together a coherent thought…***

One of the biggest questions that skeptics can ask a paranormal researcher/investigator is: How come more people haven’t seen things? This question can be answered one of several ways, depending on what paranormal activity is being questioned.

Ghosts/Haunting: to start with, in a 2005 poll conducted by CBS news, 48 percent of Americans stated that they believe in Ghosts, with more than one in five have said that they have “seen a ghost themselves, or have felt themselves to be in the presence of one.” In addition, 78 percent of those polled believe in life after death. Based on these numbers, it would seem as if the question is almost a moot point. People are seeing and experiencing them. How come “scientists” aren’t? If you have your mind set that something does not exist, then you aren’t going to see anything.

Crypto zoological animals: Here is where this gets fun…For years and years, growing up in the hills of eastern Kentucky, I had heard stories of black bears being seen in the area that I lived. I have hunted those woods all my life (at that time, 28 years) and had never even seen as much as a sign of any bear population. Then, one fall 4 or 5 years ago, while squirrel hunting, I came upon these huge scratches on a tree about 6 foot off the ground. I didn’t think too much of it until the following Spring when our dog was attacked and killed by a bear. We had tracks and everything to back that up. Then it was 4 more years until I saw my very first wild, live bear in Kentucky. So, that just goes to tell you that you can live in, hunt, walk, do anything you want to in and around an area without seeing anything. I’ve looked and looked for the past couple of years trying to see another bear but haven’t been able to. Bears, like crypto animals, don’t appear on demand every time you step into the woods.

UFO’s: This is one of those gray areas for me. I’ve seen the objects in the sky that I had no clue as to what they were, but I don’t necessarily believe that they were from out of this world. Granted, I’m very open to the idea, but the vast majority of what I have seen, I think can be explained away. As a result, I would not report anything, even if it would be other-worldly…I think that this happens a lot in all fields of paranormal. People who experience things simply don’t tell anyone out of fear of ridicule or, that no one would believe them.

Basically, it is my opinion, that there are at least 3 reasons why more people haven’t seen/experience paranormal activity: 1. People don’t want to see anything 2. Paranormal events aren’t a given and/or can’t be experienced on demand 3. More people are experiencing these things, but just aren’t reporting.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Polish Bigfoot

This morning when I finally got around to checking my e-mail, I found that I had several Google alerts for Bigfoot. Usually, I take a quick look at what "news" that they have and simply delete. This morning though, something caught my eye. Apparently, there is a Polish version of Bigfoot. The article that read described a large-hairy hominid walking along the rocks. The news-site has some still images that were taken from a video.

After viewing the video, I personally have a few issues with it. First, once it appeared, why take the camera off of it? Secondly, the movement of the "creature" looks incredibly like a human trying to keep their balance while walking among rocks. I would think that a creature that was used to this terrain would be better able to move around without having to balance itself that much. Maybe it is real, but my money would be that it was someone in a suit...

Also...even though this does not relate in any way to the state of Kentucky or witht he Polish BF, but, over the weekend discovered yet another water monster located in the US; the Altamaha River Monster. I haven't delved very deep for additional information on this at this time, but here is a blog that I found with some information and should serve as a starting point.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Unidentified Flying Humanoids

***This posting does not represent the views of Kentucky Paranormal Research Project as a group. This is an indivudualistic belief and post***

Ok...I guess that it is time that I put my hat into the ring on this phenomena.

What apparently started out as reports of "witches" in Mexico, has moved to the US (including the report of a flying BF) and has even reached Myanmar in this report.

I've watched the video and to me, it looks eerily similar to one of the videos coming out of Mexico. However, I am willing to keep somewhat of an open mind.

What I am interested in know is...of all these reports, especially the video "evidence", has anyone paid any attention to see if it appears as if the figure actually moves? I don't mean through the air, but if the body actually moves. If so, does it move as if it were human?

Now a lot of people say that I take a lot of things on face value...BF, ghosts, UFO's, etc; why can't I take this one? me the evidence isn't worthy for me to take seriously. I may be totally wrong and this be the only thing that is real. But, these videos sure isn't Patty...Patty you can at least see enough to debate if it is real, or a person in a suit...With these videos, you can't tell if it is a bunch of balloons, a single shaped balloon, some sort of radio controlled device, or a vast assortment of other objects...

All-in-all, I don't guess that I will take them too seriously until I either see one, I can see clearer/closer video imagery, or someone either points out or a new video comes along where you can see the actually "body" move...

I am very interested in seeing what everyone else thinks about this. Feel free to comment on the blog, or contact us using the links in the column to your right...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Possible Theory...

***This does not reflect the opinion of the KYPRP, nor does it represent the opinion of the is meant only as a "THEORY"***

Over the past several days, I have been reading other blogs and websites and have been introduced to the phenomenon of "vanishing line". I've seen some suggest that this could be because BF is more of an alien species, or, that BF is an interdimensional being...Today though, I read an article over on Frame 352 dealing talking about possible time warps. Using that as a starting point, along with the common idea that BF is really a surviving member of gigantopithicus, would it be too incredible to say that what people are experiencing is some sort of tear in the time continuum curtain and people are seeing something from the past?

If you think about it for a few moments, it makes some sense...vanishing lines, no bodies, UFO reports...If you read up on some reported time warp stories, a lot of these include flashing light(s). Maybe that is the rip opening wide enough for something to pass through for a few minutes...Not saying BF is a time traveler per-se, but maybe just a glimpse into the past that has a chance to interact with the here and now. Who really knows the answer to this? Not I. I am simply the one who sits around and thinks about off-the-wall theories to attempt to explain the unexplained...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog Change

As some of you may notice, we now have a "Links and Such" section in the right-hand column that links out to some of our favorite sites dealing with our paranormal research fields. By all means, check them out as well!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Comments fixed maybe...

I have wondered if maybe something was wrong with the comments section as there has not been a single comment left beside the one that I left, found that it would not allow anonymous posts...well, I've turned that off and you can post anonymously now if you like...Looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

What got you interested?

A lot of people ask this question of investigators. Well, my answer is a very drawn out one, but, since this is a forum of such, I’ll drag it out for you.

Several, several years ago, I had a childhood friend who was a fan of sci-fi. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the term(s), but thought there was nothing cooler than the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. My friend shared the same feelings. We would spend our days at school playing Star Trek on the playground and planning our futures with plans of obtaining a yacht and sailing to Scotland to look for the Loch Ness Monster. No thoughts of ghosts or BF at that time…only Nessie and UFO’s (Hey, you can’t have Star Trek without a UFO can you?). This is what embedded the thoughts of the paranormal into my adolescent head. No actual sightings or anything, just a love for sci-fi.

Fast forward about 4 years. I went to Ohio to spend the summer with my grandmother and aunt in between 8th grade and my first year in high school. Granted, I was feeling some apprehension about it. My grandmother is/was one of those people who never liked to be cold in the least and therefore hardly ever ran her air conditioner unless there was a dire need. As a result of this and the fact that it was an extremely severe weather summer (severe thunderstorms nearly every day with several possible tornados that touched down relatively close), hardly ever did I sleep upstairs in the spare bedroom, but rather downstairs in the living room close to the basement door (in case of emergency). One night near the end of my stay, the weather was relatively cool for late July and the no T-storms in the area, so I slept upstairs. That night, I had the most vivid dream (maybe a dream, maybe not…still not sure) of my late grandfather that I had ever had up to that point. Either I woke up to him standing beside my bed, or I dreamt that I was asleep and woke up with him standing beside my bed, giving me words of encouragement and telling me not to worry that everything would be ok. The strange thing is that I never got to meet my grandfather. He passed away 4 years and 1 day exactly from when I was borned. The next morning, without even mentioning anything about my experience, my grandmother surprised me by telling me that she just had this feeling that my grandfather had been there with her that night. Again, this planted another seed.

Fast forward again another 8 years now. One night after a fraternity formal, a frat brother and I decided to go do a little fishing at the Cave Run Lake (Rowan County/Bath County Kentucky) spillway. It was a warm evening, with virtually no clouds in the sky. After fishing for a couple of hours, I looked towards the spillway and saw that there was a light focused on it. Thinking we were alone here, I began looking around for the source of the light, but found none. When I looked back at the light it was beginning to spread out, mcuh like a mag light, but not losing any intensity. After roughly 30 seconds, the light encompassed the whole of the spillway, the light was so bright that even from 200 feet away, we were literally able to see the water coming out. This lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality probably 60 seconds from the beginning to the end. A few minutes after the light on the spillway, I noticed someone carrying a lantern on the hill above us. We watched them walk toward the sidewalk leading to the path over the spillway. When it reached the little maintenance shack (at the time that is what we thought it was, but learned soon afterward that there is not shack there, no doors or anything, just the path going over the spillway) at the spillway, it disappeared. We thought that this person was probably the source of the light that we had seen and was probably just doing some checking of gauges or something. But, things didn't add up -- especially since we could not see where the source of the light came from. Mustering all the courage that I could, I decided to walk up the hill to confront whomever when I saw him leave the shack. I timed it so that he should pass right in front of me when I topped the hill, but when I got to the top, there was no one... and I mean no one there. No one up or down the sidewalk from me, no additional cars in the parking lot, nor anywhere around. This is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back that led me to pursue my interest in the paranormal.

Some of you may say though that this was only an encounter with a possible ghost. But it is much more. I’ve always believed in the possibility of extra terrestrials and sasquatch and such, but had never seen one or had any encounter of any kind. And then to have this experience just solidified my beliefs that there are things out there that “science” has yet to explain.

That is my story…care to share yours? Click the links on the right column of the page to share your encounter, to request an investigation, or if you have any questions.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sasquatch Humor...Part II

I've gotten this from a very, very, very, very reliable source...

The Weekly World News (didn't say reliable about what...they are always reliable to produce some humorous articles!) is reporting that a BF burial ground has been found that is full of BF skeletons...

Just thought everyone might like to have a little laugh on a Friday afternoon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

KYPRP Clarification

Let me say one thing up-front. Not everything that you may read on this blog will reflect the views and/or beliefs of the Kentucky Paranormal Research Project. I am only one member. If I post something that is a personal thought and/or belief, I will be putting a disclaimer on it to reflect that point.

Also, some may wonder how we are going to do so much in the lines of investigating the paranormal; well, let me explain:

Each member of the project will have a primary and a secondary specialty. For example, I am a founder in the first, but, my primary field of study will be BF/Cryptozoology. My secondary field could be any one of the other paranormal aspects, as I currently have not picked up my secondary. The reasoning behind this whole "primary" and "secondary" is in case our primary is unable to attend, we will still have someone there serving as our expert. In turn, this will allow us to add an additional level of validity on our cases and evidence presentation.

Another thing that you may have noticed is that the blog is doing a lot of BF/Sasquatch time goes on, our hopes are that in addition to our website (which still we haven't gotten up and going yet...but, I have a very, very good excuse), we will each be responsible for keeping a blog on each of our specialties. Long story short, I'm getting a leg up!

How would a Paranormal encounter effect your life?

Here is a question that I am going to pose to the crowd...How would a paranormal encounter affect your life? Whether this would be seeing a cryptic animal (especially something like BF or Nessie...something that is supposed to be a mythical), a UFO, or having some type of ghostly encounter?

Personally, I have had several ghostly encounters and they did change my life to some degree (got me interested in ghost hunting!), but the thoughts of seeing something that is supposed to be purely mythical really would make one think, me included. I believe that there are things out there, but after having grown up in a society that has told me that these things do not exist and then to actually see one, at that point, I couldn't help but start questioning everything that I had ever been told...

I would highly recommend that you read this encounter that is posted over on the Blogsquatcher's blog. It is a very detailed description of an encounter that could leave you feeling as if "YOU" just had the encounter; I know that I sure felt that way!

Feel free to comment as this is a question that a lot of people do not think about prior to going into investigations...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bigfoot/Sasquatch Reports from the late 1970's

I pose a question to those who have checked out the site and/or may be returning to the site...Does anyone remember the sightings of a white BF-like creature in Fleming and Mason counties in the winter of '79? Also, in Salt Lick, KY there was a report from that same time frame (I believe) regarding something seen on Caney...Anyone have any information that they may remember regarding these sightings?

I know the white BF-like creature sightings from Fleming and Mason counties were newsworthy stories for their time and there is quite a bit of information from news sources out there...I'm looking for other people who may have seen something or know of someone who may have seen something.

Of particular interest would be if someone had spotted a white BF-like creature in Rowan, Bath, Morgan, or any other county in the "general" vicinity of the reported sightings. Please, if you have any information, click here to send us an email regarding this issue and we will return your contact ASAP...

****Check back later today, as there should be either another posting and/or updates to this post****

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looking for Investigations!

All right everyone. I've seen some traffic increase over the past couple of days and I like that. It shows that someone is seeing us out there. Our next step is to encourage those that view this page to share their Kentucky paranormal experiences with us.

As stated in other places on this page, everything that you share with us will be confidential. The only thing that we will do, will be to put your experience up onto our website once we get it up and going, but, we will never post anyone's real name. (Trust me, as a person who grew up and still resides in the eastern part of the state, I know that coming forward with any experiences that you have is harder to do because of all the criticism that you will face from other people in your community. That is why I stress that we will be 100% confidential with you identity.)

To submit/share an experience, or to simply ask us a question, just click on the links on the left-hand side of the page. If your paranormal experience does not match up with the links we have there, feel free to use the general email link to contact us.

Want KYPRP to do an investigation for you? Again, use the links to contact us. This email is checked continuously throughout the day and we will attempt to contact you as soon as it is possible for us to do so.

Monday, August 17, 2009

UFO Reports in Britain Due to Media exposure?

In this report, they are crediting such entities as "X-Files" and "Independence Day" for a flap of sightings in Britain back in 1996...Granted I am no expert at this, but, wouldn't it make sense that once something was brought to your attention, you would pay more attention to it? Look at it this way...when was the last time you paid attention to how many white Dodge Stratus' you see on the road? Now, go out and buy and drive a white Dodge Stratus, and notice how many more of them that you see...

That appears to be it for now, but as stated in a prior post, check back often as this could be updated as the day goes by...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sasquatch Humor

Just found this link out there...pretty funny stuff...check it out...

Isn't it good that we can laugh at things like this...

Easily Faked

I don't know how many of you may have seen this viral video...

but it just goes to show how easy it is for people to "make" a video and get a lot of people to believe everything about it.

A lot of paranormal researcher out there should take this heart and realize that before putting any picture/video out there for the world to review, make sure that you are 100% able to recognize what it is and that you are able to verify the authenticity of it prior to signing off on it. Even though you may not have taken the pic/video, by acknowledging that it is valid you are putting your reputation on the line.

I have seen a lot of pictures/videos of paranormal issues, i.e. Bigfoot, UFO's, ghosts, etc...that are really nothing more than tree stumps, tree limbs, lights in the distance, and simply matrixing that investigators will swear is something paranormal.

Long story short...look and think really hard about how a pic/video could be faked, what the circumstances are behind the pic/video, what is the story behind it, etc. before you stake your reputation on some smoke and mirrors.

UPDATE: Check back periodically through the day as posts are likely to change several times per day or, even a new posting be put up, depending on events of the day...Something that I want to do going forward, is to supply on here news that relates in some way/shape/form to the various fields that the KYPRP deals with...with that having been said:

Ancient whale remains found near Santa Cruz --While this doesn't completely fit into our field of study, this is something that relates overall into the cryptozoological field in that what we learn about our past, helps us know what we could be dealing with out there in the field today.

Wolf release in Mexico sparks concern in US --In the near future, we could be seeing this show up as a new cryptid animal here in the US, especially if governments want to deny that they have crossed over into the US.

Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel -- It has been a while since I've seen any news regarding mermaid sightings, but, technically it is a crypto creature.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greetings and Salutations!

Kentucky Paranormal Research Project is finally on the web.

Over the coming weeks, those that are interested in following us will have an option of viewing our blog, or, coming to our website. The second is currently in the process of getting everything together from various storage places that we have.

Let me start by including a little about us:

While officially founded in 2009, The Kentucky Paranormal Research Project has been around much longer in spirit. After undergoing several name changes and long months in limbo, the decision was made to move forward with the Project after a discussion with a mutual friend and member of a seperate research group.

While there may be several organizations in our geographical area, none are dedicated to providing investigations into all paranormal matters. Whether you believe that you have seen a crptid animal, UFO, a bigfoot-like creature, or a ghost; we encourage you to report to us your experiences and are ready to consult with you and do an investigation at your request. We base our whole organization on the defination of paranormal as being "beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation."

Since each member of the Project comes from varying "life" backgrounds, that enables us to take any situation and look at if from a multitude of angles to arrive at a plan of action for the investigation. In addition, many members of the team have had paranormal expereinces which give us the ability relate to the feelings that the client may be having.
KYPRP is a non for profit organization dedicated to providing quality research using current tools that are used in the field by professional groups. We will never charge for any investigations and/or services rendered