Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Cat vs. Bigfoot

I’ve been thinking about something that since branching out the Big Cat Project is the vocalizations. Kentucky has had a history of reported big cat sightings (yours truly included) as well as reports of BF-like creatures.

I sat yesterday and began listening to vocalizations of the cougar vs. alleged BF. What I noticed is that in some aspects, they can sound similar. From witnesses, I’ve heard that a “panther”, as the old folks call them, sounds just like a screaming woman. So much in fact, that my great-uncle actually grabbed a gun once and went down off of the hill he lived on to see what had happened to my aunt, who was sound asleep in bed. He had thought something bad had happened to her.

As I listened to the vocalizations that are available online, it took me some time to find a cougar that sounded similar to this description, while it took 3 clicks on BF vocalizations to find one. This made me wonder; are the vocalizations that people hear and associate with a large cat, really a large cat or possibly a BF?

That’s not to say that they can’t both be in the hills of Kentucky (I know for a fact that there are large cats, and pretty sure that there are BF-like creatures as well). Just, maybe the vocalizations are being misidentified…Any thoughts?

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