Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kentucky Big Cat Project

I've made an executive decision within the crypto branch of KYPRP. After watching a re-airing of MonsterQuest, where the search was on for big cats in New York, I decided that it is time that we set skeptics and Fish and Wildlife departments straight as to what is going on.

The primary crypto focus for us is going to be that of Bigfoot/ape-like creatures and big cats. Granted, that doesn't mean we do not want your crypto encounters, nor does it mean that we will not investigate them. We are here to help in any manner that we can. The simple reasoning is that from reports that I have read and encounters that I have been told about, it seems as if these are the two largest crypto creatures that inhabit our forests.

For years there have been claims of "pathers" in the state of Kentucky. I myself have seen two on seperate incidents, one of which was with another witness, several counties apart from each other. So, I for one know that Kentucky is home to some large black cats.

Again, submit any and all crypto sightings including big cat experiences. In addition, if you are having consistent big cat sightings, let us know and we can attempt an investigation to obtain proof to take to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.


  1. As I stated in one of my other posts, there is no proof needed. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources DOES AGREE THAT THERE ARE SOME LARGE CATS (mountain lions, cougars, or whatever you want to call them). What most people don't understand is that the KDFWR says that we either don't have a resident population or a sustainable poplulation. The cats we have here aren't in large enough numbers to sustain population, and most of the cats people see are just basically wandering through the area. But again, THE K.D.F.W.R. DOES RECOGNIZE THAT WE HAVE THESE CATS IN KENTUCKY, I heard this DIRECTLY FROM THE MOUTH OF ONE OF THEIR BIOLIGISTS STRAIGHT TO MY EARS!!!!!!! Nothing "crypto" about it.

  2. I'm not sure that you are still tracking but I believe my family and I encountered one of these large cats on the Fidelity Investments property in northern KY. It was in the distance but large enough that we thought we were looking at a deer until it raised it's head and we saw the profile. Once it caught site of us it quickly turned and jetted up into the brush. That's when we got a real view of it's size. Large enough for us to be a little stunned. Definitely larger than any cat or racoon with a wide body and long thick tail. It would not be surprising as the property is a wild life haven where we also encountered deer and wild turkeys; as well as, other small wild life. They have a beautiful walking trail but I'll be on my toes the next time we're there as I don't want to be too close to it.