Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why haven't I had a paranormal experience?

***I will apologize up-front on this if it seems thrown together haphazardly…It has been a taxing day and I am having issues putting together a coherent thought…***

One of the biggest questions that skeptics can ask a paranormal researcher/investigator is: How come more people haven’t seen things? This question can be answered one of several ways, depending on what paranormal activity is being questioned.

Ghosts/Haunting: to start with, in a 2005 poll conducted by CBS news, 48 percent of Americans stated that they believe in Ghosts, with more than one in five have said that they have “seen a ghost themselves, or have felt themselves to be in the presence of one.” In addition, 78 percent of those polled believe in life after death. Based on these numbers, it would seem as if the question is almost a moot point. People are seeing and experiencing them. How come “scientists” aren’t? If you have your mind set that something does not exist, then you aren’t going to see anything.

Crypto zoological animals: Here is where this gets fun…For years and years, growing up in the hills of eastern Kentucky, I had heard stories of black bears being seen in the area that I lived. I have hunted those woods all my life (at that time, 28 years) and had never even seen as much as a sign of any bear population. Then, one fall 4 or 5 years ago, while squirrel hunting, I came upon these huge scratches on a tree about 6 foot off the ground. I didn’t think too much of it until the following Spring when our dog was attacked and killed by a bear. We had tracks and everything to back that up. Then it was 4 more years until I saw my very first wild, live bear in Kentucky. So, that just goes to tell you that you can live in, hunt, walk, do anything you want to in and around an area without seeing anything. I’ve looked and looked for the past couple of years trying to see another bear but haven’t been able to. Bears, like crypto animals, don’t appear on demand every time you step into the woods.

UFO’s: This is one of those gray areas for me. I’ve seen the objects in the sky that I had no clue as to what they were, but I don’t necessarily believe that they were from out of this world. Granted, I’m very open to the idea, but the vast majority of what I have seen, I think can be explained away. As a result, I would not report anything, even if it would be other-worldly…I think that this happens a lot in all fields of paranormal. People who experience things simply don’t tell anyone out of fear of ridicule or, that no one would believe them.

Basically, it is my opinion, that there are at least 3 reasons why more people haven’t seen/experience paranormal activity: 1. People don’t want to see anything 2. Paranormal events aren’t a given and/or can’t be experienced on demand 3. More people are experiencing these things, but just aren’t reporting.


  1. You missed off those who refuse to believe anything that messes with their view of the world and 'reality'. I don't blame them for having such a blinkered view, but they sure do miss a lot!

  2. What about the people like me who really are "on the fence" so to speak, as far as whether or not we believe? I have been looking, watching, waiting and hunting for any kind of paranormal activity for many years. And to this date I have seen absolutely nothing that couldn't be explained in a common, mechanical, ordinary kind of way. So I guess my big question to everyone is.....What advice can you give me that would put me on the right track to seeing or hearing or experiencing anything paranormal???