Monday, August 31, 2009

Polish Bigfoot

This morning when I finally got around to checking my e-mail, I found that I had several Google alerts for Bigfoot. Usually, I take a quick look at what "news" that they have and simply delete. This morning though, something caught my eye. Apparently, there is a Polish version of Bigfoot. The article that read described a large-hairy hominid walking along the rocks. The news-site has some still images that were taken from a video.

After viewing the video, I personally have a few issues with it. First, once it appeared, why take the camera off of it? Secondly, the movement of the "creature" looks incredibly like a human trying to keep their balance while walking among rocks. I would think that a creature that was used to this terrain would be better able to move around without having to balance itself that much. Maybe it is real, but my money would be that it was someone in a suit...

Also...even though this does not relate in any way to the state of Kentucky or witht he Polish BF, but, over the weekend discovered yet another water monster located in the US; the Altamaha River Monster. I haven't delved very deep for additional information on this at this time, but here is a blog that I found with some information and should serve as a starting point.

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