Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greetings and Salutations!

Kentucky Paranormal Research Project is finally on the web.

Over the coming weeks, those that are interested in following us will have an option of viewing our blog, or, coming to our website. The second is currently in the process of getting everything together from various storage places that we have.

Let me start by including a little about us:

While officially founded in 2009, The Kentucky Paranormal Research Project has been around much longer in spirit. After undergoing several name changes and long months in limbo, the decision was made to move forward with the Project after a discussion with a mutual friend and member of a seperate research group.

While there may be several organizations in our geographical area, none are dedicated to providing investigations into all paranormal matters. Whether you believe that you have seen a crptid animal, UFO, a bigfoot-like creature, or a ghost; we encourage you to report to us your experiences and are ready to consult with you and do an investigation at your request. We base our whole organization on the defination of paranormal as being "beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation."

Since each member of the Project comes from varying "life" backgrounds, that enables us to take any situation and look at if from a multitude of angles to arrive at a plan of action for the investigation. In addition, many members of the team have had paranormal expereinces which give us the ability relate to the feelings that the client may be having.
KYPRP is a non for profit organization dedicated to providing quality research using current tools that are used in the field by professional groups. We will never charge for any investigations and/or services rendered

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