Thursday, August 27, 2009

Possible Theory...

***This does not reflect the opinion of the KYPRP, nor does it represent the opinion of the is meant only as a "THEORY"***

Over the past several days, I have been reading other blogs and websites and have been introduced to the phenomenon of "vanishing line". I've seen some suggest that this could be because BF is more of an alien species, or, that BF is an interdimensional being...Today though, I read an article over on Frame 352 dealing talking about possible time warps. Using that as a starting point, along with the common idea that BF is really a surviving member of gigantopithicus, would it be too incredible to say that what people are experiencing is some sort of tear in the time continuum curtain and people are seeing something from the past?

If you think about it for a few moments, it makes some sense...vanishing lines, no bodies, UFO reports...If you read up on some reported time warp stories, a lot of these include flashing light(s). Maybe that is the rip opening wide enough for something to pass through for a few minutes...Not saying BF is a time traveler per-se, but maybe just a glimpse into the past that has a chance to interact with the here and now. Who really knows the answer to this? Not I. I am simply the one who sits around and thinks about off-the-wall theories to attempt to explain the unexplained...

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