Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bigfoot/Sasquatch Reports from the late 1970's

I pose a question to those who have checked out the site and/or may be returning to the site...Does anyone remember the sightings of a white BF-like creature in Fleming and Mason counties in the winter of '79? Also, in Salt Lick, KY there was a report from that same time frame (I believe) regarding something seen on Caney...Anyone have any information that they may remember regarding these sightings?

I know the white BF-like creature sightings from Fleming and Mason counties were newsworthy stories for their time and there is quite a bit of information from news sources out there...I'm looking for other people who may have seen something or know of someone who may have seen something.

Of particular interest would be if someone had spotted a white BF-like creature in Rowan, Bath, Morgan, or any other county in the "general" vicinity of the reported sightings. Please, if you have any information, click here to send us an email regarding this issue and we will return your contact ASAP...

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