Thursday, August 20, 2009

KYPRP Clarification

Let me say one thing up-front. Not everything that you may read on this blog will reflect the views and/or beliefs of the Kentucky Paranormal Research Project. I am only one member. If I post something that is a personal thought and/or belief, I will be putting a disclaimer on it to reflect that point.

Also, some may wonder how we are going to do so much in the lines of investigating the paranormal; well, let me explain:

Each member of the project will have a primary and a secondary specialty. For example, I am a founder in the first, but, my primary field of study will be BF/Cryptozoology. My secondary field could be any one of the other paranormal aspects, as I currently have not picked up my secondary. The reasoning behind this whole "primary" and "secondary" is in case our primary is unable to attend, we will still have someone there serving as our expert. In turn, this will allow us to add an additional level of validity on our cases and evidence presentation.

Another thing that you may have noticed is that the blog is doing a lot of BF/Sasquatch time goes on, our hopes are that in addition to our website (which still we haven't gotten up and going yet...but, I have a very, very good excuse), we will each be responsible for keeping a blog on each of our specialties. Long story short, I'm getting a leg up!

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