Friday, August 14, 2009

Easily Faked

I don't know how many of you may have seen this viral video...

but it just goes to show how easy it is for people to "make" a video and get a lot of people to believe everything about it.

A lot of paranormal researcher out there should take this heart and realize that before putting any picture/video out there for the world to review, make sure that you are 100% able to recognize what it is and that you are able to verify the authenticity of it prior to signing off on it. Even though you may not have taken the pic/video, by acknowledging that it is valid you are putting your reputation on the line.

I have seen a lot of pictures/videos of paranormal issues, i.e. Bigfoot, UFO's, ghosts, etc...that are really nothing more than tree stumps, tree limbs, lights in the distance, and simply matrixing that investigators will swear is something paranormal.

Long story short...look and think really hard about how a pic/video could be faked, what the circumstances are behind the pic/video, what is the story behind it, etc. before you stake your reputation on some smoke and mirrors.

UPDATE: Check back periodically through the day as posts are likely to change several times per day or, even a new posting be put up, depending on events of the day...Something that I want to do going forward, is to supply on here news that relates in some way/shape/form to the various fields that the KYPRP deals with...with that having been said:

Ancient whale remains found near Santa Cruz --While this doesn't completely fit into our field of study, this is something that relates overall into the cryptozoological field in that what we learn about our past, helps us know what we could be dealing with out there in the field today.

Wolf release in Mexico sparks concern in US --In the near future, we could be seeing this show up as a new cryptid animal here in the US, especially if governments want to deny that they have crossed over into the US.

Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel -- It has been a while since I've seen any news regarding mermaid sightings, but, technically it is a crypto creature.


  1. I think its sad how people are faking Sightings just to get attention. Thats has always been the problem with crypto. People used to think Gorillas were a myth untill someone brought back a live one. Some things to sound out there and not possible. The hoaxes need to stop and we need to find out if any of these creatures realy do exist.

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