Friday, August 28, 2009

Unidentified Flying Humanoids

***This posting does not represent the views of Kentucky Paranormal Research Project as a group. This is an indivudualistic belief and post***

Ok...I guess that it is time that I put my hat into the ring on this phenomena.

What apparently started out as reports of "witches" in Mexico, has moved to the US (including the report of a flying BF) and has even reached Myanmar in this report.

I've watched the video and to me, it looks eerily similar to one of the videos coming out of Mexico. However, I am willing to keep somewhat of an open mind.

What I am interested in know is...of all these reports, especially the video "evidence", has anyone paid any attention to see if it appears as if the figure actually moves? I don't mean through the air, but if the body actually moves. If so, does it move as if it were human?

Now a lot of people say that I take a lot of things on face value...BF, ghosts, UFO's, etc; why can't I take this one? me the evidence isn't worthy for me to take seriously. I may be totally wrong and this be the only thing that is real. But, these videos sure isn't Patty...Patty you can at least see enough to debate if it is real, or a person in a suit...With these videos, you can't tell if it is a bunch of balloons, a single shaped balloon, some sort of radio controlled device, or a vast assortment of other objects...

All-in-all, I don't guess that I will take them too seriously until I either see one, I can see clearer/closer video imagery, or someone either points out or a new video comes along where you can see the actually "body" move...

I am very interested in seeing what everyone else thinks about this. Feel free to comment on the blog, or contact us using the links in the column to your right...

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