Monday, August 24, 2009

What got you interested?

A lot of people ask this question of investigators. Well, my answer is a very drawn out one, but, since this is a forum of such, I’ll drag it out for you.

Several, several years ago, I had a childhood friend who was a fan of sci-fi. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the term(s), but thought there was nothing cooler than the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. My friend shared the same feelings. We would spend our days at school playing Star Trek on the playground and planning our futures with plans of obtaining a yacht and sailing to Scotland to look for the Loch Ness Monster. No thoughts of ghosts or BF at that time…only Nessie and UFO’s (Hey, you can’t have Star Trek without a UFO can you?). This is what embedded the thoughts of the paranormal into my adolescent head. No actual sightings or anything, just a love for sci-fi.

Fast forward about 4 years. I went to Ohio to spend the summer with my grandmother and aunt in between 8th grade and my first year in high school. Granted, I was feeling some apprehension about it. My grandmother is/was one of those people who never liked to be cold in the least and therefore hardly ever ran her air conditioner unless there was a dire need. As a result of this and the fact that it was an extremely severe weather summer (severe thunderstorms nearly every day with several possible tornados that touched down relatively close), hardly ever did I sleep upstairs in the spare bedroom, but rather downstairs in the living room close to the basement door (in case of emergency). One night near the end of my stay, the weather was relatively cool for late July and the no T-storms in the area, so I slept upstairs. That night, I had the most vivid dream (maybe a dream, maybe not…still not sure) of my late grandfather that I had ever had up to that point. Either I woke up to him standing beside my bed, or I dreamt that I was asleep and woke up with him standing beside my bed, giving me words of encouragement and telling me not to worry that everything would be ok. The strange thing is that I never got to meet my grandfather. He passed away 4 years and 1 day exactly from when I was borned. The next morning, without even mentioning anything about my experience, my grandmother surprised me by telling me that she just had this feeling that my grandfather had been there with her that night. Again, this planted another seed.

Fast forward again another 8 years now. One night after a fraternity formal, a frat brother and I decided to go do a little fishing at the Cave Run Lake (Rowan County/Bath County Kentucky) spillway. It was a warm evening, with virtually no clouds in the sky. After fishing for a couple of hours, I looked towards the spillway and saw that there was a light focused on it. Thinking we were alone here, I began looking around for the source of the light, but found none. When I looked back at the light it was beginning to spread out, mcuh like a mag light, but not losing any intensity. After roughly 30 seconds, the light encompassed the whole of the spillway, the light was so bright that even from 200 feet away, we were literally able to see the water coming out. This lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality probably 60 seconds from the beginning to the end. A few minutes after the light on the spillway, I noticed someone carrying a lantern on the hill above us. We watched them walk toward the sidewalk leading to the path over the spillway. When it reached the little maintenance shack (at the time that is what we thought it was, but learned soon afterward that there is not shack there, no doors or anything, just the path going over the spillway) at the spillway, it disappeared. We thought that this person was probably the source of the light that we had seen and was probably just doing some checking of gauges or something. But, things didn't add up -- especially since we could not see where the source of the light came from. Mustering all the courage that I could, I decided to walk up the hill to confront whomever when I saw him leave the shack. I timed it so that he should pass right in front of me when I topped the hill, but when I got to the top, there was no one... and I mean no one there. No one up or down the sidewalk from me, no additional cars in the parking lot, nor anywhere around. This is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back that led me to pursue my interest in the paranormal.

Some of you may say though that this was only an encounter with a possible ghost. But it is much more. I’ve always believed in the possibility of extra terrestrials and sasquatch and such, but had never seen one or had any encounter of any kind. And then to have this experience just solidified my beliefs that there are things out there that “science” has yet to explain.

That is my story…care to share yours? Click the links on the right column of the page to share your encounter, to request an investigation, or if you have any questions.

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