Thursday, August 20, 2009

How would a Paranormal encounter effect your life?

Here is a question that I am going to pose to the crowd...How would a paranormal encounter affect your life? Whether this would be seeing a cryptic animal (especially something like BF or Nessie...something that is supposed to be a mythical), a UFO, or having some type of ghostly encounter?

Personally, I have had several ghostly encounters and they did change my life to some degree (got me interested in ghost hunting!), but the thoughts of seeing something that is supposed to be purely mythical really would make one think, me included. I believe that there are things out there, but after having grown up in a society that has told me that these things do not exist and then to actually see one, at that point, I couldn't help but start questioning everything that I had ever been told...

I would highly recommend that you read this encounter that is posted over on the Blogsquatcher's blog. It is a very detailed description of an encounter that could leave you feeling as if "YOU" just had the encounter; I know that I sure felt that way!

Feel free to comment as this is a question that a lot of people do not think about prior to going into investigations...

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