Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fairdale Reflection

To think, prior to Tuesday, this blog had only about 280 visits since I started it...Over the course of the day Tuesday, I picked up over 100...even as the buzz began to die down yesterday, I still had over 30 hits...and to be honest, for someone to navigate their way here, they had to be doing some serious searching...LOL

What this demonstrates to me is that there “is” and interest in what we do. For all the scientists and critics that tell us we are wrong, this tells us that we are right. People want to know the truth. Heck, CNN ran this; as well as other major news outlets from Louisville to Los Angeles.

It also demonstrates the rashness in which some of us are to jump and say that “we have” the proof, only to have to turn around later that day and retract because it has been proven false (not fake or a hoax in some cases. Like this one. Mr. Mahoney never once said that this was definitely bigfoot. He even went as far as to say that he didn’t believe in bigfoot).

I think the lesson learned from this is that while camera traps are good, they can sometimes yield anomalies such as this. From this, we should also learn that we should exhaust ourselves with trying to prove what things are, and not what we want them to be.

Goodnight you Fairdale Mystery Monster, we hardly knew you.

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  1. Yes indeed, there's "no joy in Muddville tonight" over this pic's demise. You never saw a more excited guy than me the other day when my wife emailed me asking if I'd heard or seen all the reports about the bigfoot that was practically in our backyard. But then I saw the picture...;)