Thursday, September 24, 2009

Return of Lexington's Black Panther

Just saw this update and wanted to share. Apparently, there has been another sighting of the black panther in Lexington. This time, it was sighted on Costigan Drive, near Griffin Gate Golf Club. Similar as before, Police and Fish and Wildlife are saying that this is probably someone seeing a large housecat.

Here is my question. Exactly how big does a housecat get, yet still be able to manuever itself in a way that appears "panther-ish"? One really has to wonder if maybe Fish and Wildlife know more than they let on. (No, neither I nor KYPRP subscribe to all of the conspiracy theories that float around out there, but, they are the guys who are supposed to be out in the woods.)

KYPRP and the Kentucky Big Cat Project will continue to monitor this story and update here when new information becomes available.

1 comment:

  1. Glad there are people out there who while having skeptism, still allow for the possibilty.

    I had a sighting of the Lexington black panther on New Circle Rd about a year and a half before the ones in Winburn. I was met with ridicule when telling anyone I knew so I did not report it. When these reports came out, others started telling me of other sightings they had had IN LEXINGTON and in Woodford County near the river. These were of cougars and big black cats or "Panthers".

    So ridicule is an enemy of the truth.