Friday, September 18, 2009

Lexington Black Panther Update and New Site!

At this time, I have yet to hear any updates regarding the reported black panther sighting in Lexington...However, I have sent an email to the Lexington Herald-Leader with my thoughts on what the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife should be doing about it. I have yet to hear back from them either. So, that is emails to both Fish and Wildlife and the Heral-Leader...I will update as soon as I hear something from them and/or, any news comes out.

In the mean time...KYPRP has a new site (sort of)...The blog will stay here for the more day to day events, but we will have a home to go to where we will be storing the more permanent information so that it makes it easier to view without having to search through post after post...

Check us out.

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  1. I have seen one of these large black cats. My sister and I was on our way home about 15 years ago. We were traveling south on 229 in London,Ky when we witnessed a huge slick black cat calmly cross the road. It was not in a very residental area but there were homes near by. The cats pranced across the high way slowly and calmly. I wish I would have had a camera. I've never seen one sense this time.