Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Stuff

Well, the excitement has died down from the alleged black panther sightings in Lexington without any updates from the stories. There are plenty of comment on the various sites that reported the story, but, grains of salt to me in most cases...

So, I'm going to use this lull in action, to mention a few things that are going on.

1.) My buddy Joe Clark just informed me that the date has been set for CommParaCon 2010. Currently set for June 5, 2010 at Carter Caves State Resort Park. You can contact me for additional information, or, keep checking on here for udpates as it gets closer to the date.

2.) I am currently working on an article for the website that we have up. (In case you want to check it out, http://kyprp.webs.com/ ) It's another crypto article, but, I'm trying to make this as presentable as possible, with some very argumentative points to make. When dealing with crypto, the vast majority of information that we have is speculative at best. I mean, we can give a BF the demeanor of an ape, but, is that really what the true demeanor would be? So, based upon speculations that have been made, especially in relation to the comparisons that have been made with black bears, I am going to try to at worst, make others answer my points that I make. Once completed, I may put several posts worth of the article on here, or, put it on here as I go so that I can get opinions prior to putting it on the web.

3.) Although we are still hashing out some details, several local paranormal groups (KYPRP included) in our area are in talks to host a paranormal meet and greet with the community, both to raise awareness that we are out there, but to also possibly recruit membership and to potentially gather some investigations.

4.) Since founding KYPRP, we have made it no secret that our desire is to work with other groups and form "bonds" with these groups and to break down the barriers that are typical with paranormal research. A lot of groups out there do not like to associate with other groups for numerous reasons that we will not go into at this point. We, on the other hand, are not like that. Saying that, I would like to thank those of you out there (Dave C, Joe Clark and Commonwealth Paranormal, Ron and Lori Coffey and http://www.gatewayghosts.com/, and The Blogsquatcher) that have taken the time to communicate with me (Brian Peck) and KYPRP. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you guys in the future.

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