Friday, September 4, 2009

Mexico's Bigfoot? had been my intention to stay from the chupacabra as much as possible...the only way that I wanted to get into this discussion would be if someone locally here in KY contacted me reporting an incident. Well, we don't always get what we want I guess.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, I noticed a news article headlined "Mexico's Bigfoot" and I didn't pay any attention. When I checked my email on Thursday, a friend of mine from another paranormal group had sent me an email with the link one of the news stories, which in turn, linked me over to CNN's video of the story.

Here is where I'm going to be brutally honest...from MY point of view, I saw a mangy dog, coyote, or dog/coyote cross (aka: coy dog). I saw nothing that resembled something that would walk on 2 legs, have wings, look alien, have a row of spikes along its back...Nothing that fit into the general description of the alleged creature. When DNA testing comes back on that same creature and it is unidentifiable, then I might raise an eyebrow. But, I think that we are looking at an unintentional hoax.

However, I'm not ruling the chupacabra out altogether. From my perspective, I feel as if there could be some type of creature out that that "somewhat" fits the given description, but, I don't think it is otherworldly; not even sure if it is unknown. The interesting thing about it is; some scientists believe that the "chupa" is a cultural phenomena, however, with the recent increase in Hispanic populations here in KY and surrounding states/areas, we have yet to really hear of sightings in these areas. Generally speaking, the sightings are sticking to the southern states and into Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc. One of the questions that I would ask is; what known animal do all of these locations share, that other areas of the US do not?

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