Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bigfoot in Jefferson County

Just saw this over at the Blogsqatcher's site...apparently, a man in Jefferson County has captured what appears to be a BF-like creature (or a very, very convincing garbage bag with somewhat detailed head and arms) on a game camera...here is a link to the story...KYPRP and the Kentucky Great Ape Project will be monitoring...
UPDATE: Apparently major news is picking up the story...


  1. It is very plain to see if you are any kind of person who really knows animals. Have you ever watched ducks landing, or crows setting down on a pile of corn for the deer? Well then, you will understand, and plainly see that it is a crow, or a black bird, or, and I'm not sure if they have grackles in that place, but to put that bigfoot to bed you will clearly see a black bird putting on the air breaks making a come in for a landing attempt at the feeder the camera is shooting through between the legs of the feeder, and the bird has just stopped forward flight, and is in the process of pitching his tail under him to break his forward movement. When this occurs it looks like the pic because he is throwing his wings around in a fashion so that it looks like he is trying to hug something, and his head is turned to the side, and he is looking down. Now the thing you see,the big head, and big arms,will fool loads of people, but then again what is it really closer to, the bush on the other side of the garden, or if you look hard and think black bird you will see for your self it is right on the legs if not already under the feeder. It is only a black bird of some form putting on the breaks before he sets down under the feeder to eat. I will give you the bigfoot idea,BUT it is only a bird tucking with his wings forward to slow his forward flight so he can drop in straight down on the corn pile to eat. Remember there were 6 black birds in one pic, and if that was a 55 yd shot, have you ever seen an 8' bigfeets with 2' long fingers? NOT HARDLY, BUT I have seen a blackbird with 4"tip feathers.Notice what looks like fingers, well people that is only feathers that are spread from him putting on the breaks. NOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU? IF NOT YOU NEED TO GO BACK AND LOOK REAL HARD BECAUSE WHAT IS IN THE PIC IS NOTHING BUT A COMMON EVERY DAY CROW, OR BLACKBIRD NO MORE NO LESS. thank you.....
    Hope I helped you understand optical illusions, and I hope you aren't to very disappointed because it is a very lucky pic. To have a trail cam take that precise moment in time is like a million to one thing. You could do it but you would have to shoot at a high frame speed maybe 5fps maybe more to catch that exact pose that bird is strikings.
    Thank you for reading this all and understanding.
    Cary Harter,raised in S,Ga Swamps
    Drop in to face book and tell me what you think it is. As for me, I know what it is with God as my witness.

  2. Genious ur right on the money man it's def a bird..u can tell it's in the air n not touching ground.. doesn't mean Bigfoots don't exist