Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black Panther in Lexington?

I guess the formation of the Kentucky Big Cat Project came at a very opportune time, as well as the recent posts. Rumor has it, that there have been numerous sightings of a "black panther" in the Windburn neighborhood of Lexington. It was reported that police yesterday admitted to being flooded with calls regarding alleged sightings and reports. The Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife gave the usual response of mistaken identity of a large housecat or a black coyote.

The interesting thing is, if you watch the video, the report begins with the words "wildcats and cougars can live in Kentucky". Not sure who their source was, but, this adds more fuel to the debate on whether these animals can live and thrive in the state.

KYPRP and the Big Cat Project will try to stay on top of this story. Stay tuned as this post could be updated throughout the day.

****UPDATE****: The report had the wildlife agent requesting pictures and video of the animal. If anyone from the Lexington area is reading this post and lives in the vicinity of the reported sightings, please take note: If at all possible and can be done safely, when you take either the picture or video, try to make sure that it is taken around an area with plenty of reference points that can be used to determine the size of the animal. Beside a tree, a patch of weeds, stump, or anything that can be used for scale. This will assist in the analysis of the photo/video to determine what type of animal that we are dealing with.

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