Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fairdale Mystery Solved...

My buddy Dave C. just sent me an email a bit ago detailing the outline of a crow...

I had it pretty much outlined in the my head, the only problem that I was having was with the head, and the angle that Dave outlined was just one that I hadn't twisted my brain around.

Dave also sent me a picture from the Cryptomundo page. Now, if you can visually rotate the crow around you would basically have the same image.

The raven, the historical joker, has played another one on us!

***There have been other reports coming out of Jefferson County regarding BF-like creatures, and the crow can't be responsible for all of these sightings. A common misconception is that Jefferson County is Louisville. Not true. Jefferson County has forested areas that are ideal BF habitation. Additional research is needed, and eventually, we may be able to release clear, photographic evidence of BF in Jefferson County and other areas as well.

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