Friday, January 15, 2010

Back! has obviously been some time since I've updated here. I have not fully abandoned the search fro the paranormal, but, just took some time off. There were some circumstances that led to this hiatus that were a combination of personal and professional. Now, I'm not going to swear that I will be on here each and every day, but, my hope is to get into a routine where it is updated at least a couple of times each week.

The downside is, KYPRP never really got off the ground the first time around, but, I do still have hope of eventually seeing the reality of this dream. I think that we had the right idea, just the wrong timing. With that being said:

To anyone who may have visited the site and/or sent an email to us, I apologize if I did not contact you back. It was my fault and I'll take full responsibility. Please do not think that just because you were ignored by myself, that others out there will do the same thing. Also, to any other group(s) out there that may feel slight jilted by myself, I apologize. I think things started moving a bit faster than I anticipated, and it left me slightly reeling.

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  1. Brian, I know all about timing not being right, brother. When I first got serious about trying to get a group together, my cousin and I founded APRS. The timing was just not right. We folded without doing a single investigation. But I was persistent and now Commonwealth Paranormal is one of the top groups around. So be patient, things will work out. And if you need anything CP and I stand ready to help!

    God Bless bro!
    Joe Clark