Friday, November 12, 2010


Wow...when I take a hiatus, I really take a hiatus don't I? LOL Well guys...I'm hoping to get this thing back on track now...again. After some serious thought, I decided what the real problem was...I was trying to take on too much...I mean, lets be serious...I should have known trying to investigate and study each "paranormal" thing, would be way to taxing on any person. Each field that I wanted to study is a full-time job in, the plan for now will be to "try" to cover each field, and possibly pass leads/tips along to other, bear with me as I try to resurrect KPRP!

***One thing that I am going to ask...If any of my old contacts are still around and still following this, please pass this along...even if I can't explore every thing that is sent my way, I would still like to hear about it..

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